December 2010


 Four-Time Grammy® Nominated Recording Artist

And Multiple Award Winning Composer and Musician

Michael Brant DeMaria


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 Gaia is the third album in a row to reach #1 on the New Age Chart by multi-instrumentalist and four-time Grammy Nominee Michael Brant DeMaria.  It was released to rave reviews in November 2010 and went on to be nominated for 4 ZMR awards in February of 2011.  The ZMR Awards are highly regarded in that only radio, internet and cable broadcasters from around the world are allowed to vote.  His last two Grammy Nominated Albums Siyotanka (nominated for 1 ZMR Award) and Ocean (nominated for 2 ZMR Awards) were never even nominated for Album of the Year – and not only was Gaia nominated – it went on to win New Age Album of the Year in March of 2011.


DeMaria speaking of Gaia - from the Liner Notes:

"What if the earth is alive?  Since I was a child, I have felt this truth in my heart.  Years later when I heard the Gaia Hypothesis - earth as a living being - it spoke to me.  Today more than ever we need a relationship with Gaia as a living presence.  All cultures on our fragile planet are interconnected and related.  All of us are children of Gaia.  We are all Native Earthlings and related to each other in an intimate way - human and non-human.  For this album I imagined the great unfolding of Gaia’s journey of awakening through the living beings that call her home.  These are my tone poems and sound prayers offered in the spirit of waking up and acting for the good of our children’s, children, children during this time of ecological crisis and transition.  The song cycle is a spiraling one moving across time and around our precious planet.  From the aboriginal dreamtime of Australia to the many incarnations of the Divine Feminine and Earth Mother throughout the world.  Please join me in this sonic journey for the soul of our beloved home - celebrating and honoring the many people, places and rhythms of Gaia."


Nominated for 4 ZMR Awards:

Album of the Year - WON
Best World Music Album - WON

Best Relaxation/Meditation Album

Best Cover Art


Gaia Reviews:

“My words can't do justice to what Michael Brant DeMaria has wrought on Gaia. That the artist has found a way to craft so many diverse world music soundscapes and also unite them into a singular musical vision showcases just how talented a performer and composer he is. DeMaria has obviously poured every ounce of his creative soul into Gaia and it shows. It's a stellar achievement and stands as a fitting portrait which captures the expansive nature of Mother Earth herself and the many peoples who populate her surface. Rating: Excellent” – Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter

"Gaia is another amazing musical achievement from Michael Brant DeMaria. His musicianship is incredible, but to put so much research as well as heart into his music puts him in a category of his own. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about this fantastic album! I give it my highest recommendation."
- Kathy Parsons,

"Gaia is a wonderful collection of 14 tone poems and sound prayers offering the listener a journey through various lands and honoring each as much as he does Mother Earth. Michael DeMaria has captured that spirit exceptionally well. Gaia is a must have CD for those in the New Age Music genre... Through Gaia he sends the message of unity for all, as well as love and respect of our planet! Gaia is an amazing project and I love it!"
- Don Rath, Jr., StringTunes

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